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Beautiful Plans for a Beautiful Life

Gilded Press is a woman-owned, home-based business located in the Pacific Northwest. I hand-make every paper product you buy from this site myself, right down to the foil details. 
My name is Gena Beck, and I want to help make your plans beautiful.
In October 2016, I needed to make a change—a big one. I’d just moved from a small town to a big city and my world felt bigger than ever before, but I was stuck working a corporate job that felt less like “me” every day. I had always dreamed of leaving the corporate world and having the kind of job that would give me the freedom to stay at home with my future kids and the income to know I was contributing to the household by making money of my own. I needed to find a way to make an income doing something that would make me happy. It was time to start working toward that dream.
I began to get more involved with the planning community, which I’d first discovered the year before. It was around this time that I discovered the planning community. it allowed me to get back in touch with my creative side, empowering me to take back some ownership of the days I felt most trapped at the office. Putting time into my planner made me more motivated to actually do the things I planned I said I was going to do. Every day at my desk might have felt the same, but in my planner, fun stickers and colorful pens added variety to my life.
But it took a lot of stickers to brighten my darkest days at the office.
So, I decided to experiment with making my own. At Christmas, I was given my first cutting machine, and after six months of trial and error, making hand-foiled stickers for my own planners learning everything I could from the wonderful and supportive the planning community, I realized: this was my way out of my corporate job. I could make beautiful, affordable stickers aimed at planners just like me.
That’s how Gilded Press (formerly Watercolor Blooms) was born. And it’s why my products are still different. People from all over the world have bought Gilded Press stickers to help make their planners beautiful, keep themselves motivated, and have an outlet for their creativity.
I believe that having a beautiful planner will motivate you to get things done. And I believe that when you’re motivated to get things done, you’ll be empowered to live a more beautiful life.
It worked for me!
Beautiful Plans for a Beautiful Life
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