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How To Store & Organize Planner Supplies

Posted by Gena Beck on Aug 20, 2019

How to organize & store your planner supplies


As my planner addiction has grown, so has my collection of stickers and accessories. Storage became a problem I needed to solve! My goal was to keep track of what I had and be able to use everything effectively, which means being able to see it easily. Here's what has worked for me, and I welcome other ideas if you've discovered a way to store something!


Gilded Press - Planner sticker icons in a file folder box

PHOTO CREDIT: @kristensplanner

ICONS: Photo box file system

I got a shoebox-sized photo box from Michaels for less than $5 and cut down file folders so the tabs would stick up. After labeling them with small icons, I filed all of my functional and deco stickers in the box. My categories are:

  • beauty/date night
  • food & drinks
  • nature/florals
  • household (cleaning, laundry, yard work)
  • finance
  • fitness/health
  • happy mail/shopping
  • functional boxes
  • headers
  • functional shapes (i.e. flags, arrows)
  • deco shapes (i.e. hearts)
  • checklists
  • washi strips
  • tabs and labels
  • trackers
  • mixed icons

Gilded Press - Autumn Grace kit in Avery binder with page protector

PHOTO CREDIT: @kristensplanner

KITS: Avery mini binders with page protectors

Target has mini binders by Avery that are the perfect size for kits. I like to plan mine out ahead of time so I can avoid overbuying, and page protectors labeled with the date work very well. I like being able to see the kits all together and know how much I have for each season! I also use them for "kit extras" if there is a lot of leftovers.

Gilded Press - Sticker Albums

PHOTO CREDIT: @kristensplanner


"Special Collections", for me, refers to what I use frequently or enjoy buying the most. Categories I keep separated into albums are coffee & tea, characters/emotions, scripts, gold foil, silver foil, etc. If I have a significant amount from a specific shop, I like to put it into an album as well

3x4 - shop samplers and mini sheets, die cuts (Instax mini polaroid albums and business card holders also fit most shop samplers)

4x6 - fits most icon sheets

5x7 - can fit kits, hobo kits, and larger sheets

WASHI: Acrylic Drawers

Gilded Press - Washi acrylic drawers

PHOTO CREDIT: @kristensplanner

I resisted these for a while, but I am glad I caved and bought the clear drawers for my washi collection! I love the visibility and have used washi more often since I switched to this system. I got mine from Michael's, and also have a case from Amazon made for eyeglasses that work too. These are also a good way to store bows that have a lobster clasp.

If you have a desk drawer available, using the lids of shoeboxes or small boxes (like the ones that come with the Birchbox beauty subscription) is a good way to separate colors in a shallow drawer.

CLIPS: Photo Box, ring display case

Gilded Press - Planner clips in photo box

PHOTO CREDIT: @kristensplanner

I also use a photo box to store clips, and instead of file folders, I cut down plain cardstock and clipped them along the top. If you want to remember which shop they came from, you can write the shop name on the cardstock (this has helped me know who to tag when I use the clip.)

Ring display cases are another great option. You can stand the clips up in the rows and see them all together. I got one on Amazon that I used just for my friend's homemade felt clips.


Gilded Press - Craft/sewing boxes for planner charms, tails, & dangle clips

PHOTO CREDIT: @kristensplanner

Baskets, tackle boxes, bead boxes, and sewing boxes are all very useful for storing small items like charms and dangle clips. I really like keeping them safe in these cases because sometimes the beads are delicate. Jewelry boxes work too!

Gilded Press - lane and alley boutique yarn baskets for planner clips, pom pom clips, etc

PHOTO CREDIT: @kristensplanner

For small accessories I use a lot, I like keeping them in cute baskets on my desk or on shelves. Pen loops, pom clips, and mini bows are stored this way in my workspace.

PAPERS, VELLUM, & DASHBOARDS: Accordion file & albums

Gilded Press - file folder for planner vellum, acetate, and dashboards

PHOTO CREDIT: @kristensplanner

Papers and vellum can really get messy if you like to cut them up and save the extras! Accordion file boxes keep them organized and clean. I keep full sheets in a large file box and have separated cut ones into my preferred sizes (A6 and personal wide/B6) 4x6 albums fit A6 dashboards perfectly, and 5x7 albums fit personal wide/b6 sizes.

I hope you found this helpful. Feel free to ask questions or comment below with your own system!

How To Store & Organize Planner Supplies

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  • Love this so much!! So many fabulous ideas!! Thank you for sharing. (I especially love the “planned to use when” style of organization in the Avery Binder!! This is the idea I would like to implement first!!)

    Jean J DiGiacomo on

  • @cindypplans So glad you loved this! Great ideas in this post I’m going to implement too!

    Gena on

  • @sailormatrix I got a lot of it too! My bows/clips are a mess right now!

    Gena Beck on

  • Thank you for this post. I wanted visibility for my bows and clips/dangles.

    Saliormatrix on

  • I loveddddd this and found it very useful and helpful. I am def going to implement some of these storage ideas!!

    Cindypplans on

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