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How To Remove Planner Stickers From Your Planner

Posted by Gena Beck on Aug 7, 2019


You have a beautiful spread in your planner with all your stickers but then plans change. Or maybe you decide you don't want that sticker in that particular spot or (dreaded) you placed it crooked. What's a planner girl to do!? That's where Un-Du comes to the rescue! 

I've been using Un-Du for years and wouldn't be without it!

"This "all in one" award winning removal utilizes a patented formula and attached scrapper tool system that safely and quickly removes all self sticking and pressure sensitive stickers, tapes, labels and adhesives on contact without leaving behind any oily or greasy mess to clean up. un-du® simply evaporates leaving behind no messy clean up and you can re-use the sticker, tape, or label again and again. Kids stickers are everywhere and with un-du® you can remove them and let them re-stick them again and again. There is absolutely on other product in the market place that will do the job of removing those pesky self sticking adhesives like un-du®!" -

I love to use this on anything glass too to remove price tags/stickers - think photo frames, drink glasses, vases, etc. I find mine at Walmart, but it's also available from Michaels, Amazon, and other hobby/craft stores.

Check out my video below for a demo and review (using standard sticker paper):

Have you used Un-Du before? What's your favorite product to remove stickers?

 - Gena

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  • Thank you for this post. I have heard of this stuff (yes…I know you told me about this before!!) but I LOVED the video!! I will now have it on my “Must Have” list!! Thanks so much!!

    Jean J DiGiacomo on

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