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How To Plan A Move With Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

Posted by Gena Beck on Sep 12, 2019

How To Plan A Move With Tips Tricks & Hacks

Ah, moving. I don't think anyone loves it, but it's part of life sometimes. I've moved 5 times now in the past 6-7 years, so I've definitely learned a few things or two along the way!

If you've been following me on Instagram or reading the monthly newsletter, you will know that we're in the process of a long long move. Our home has been on the market for almost 3.5 months, sadly, but we started the moving process long before that. In February, we painted the entire downstairs and the ceilings both downstairs and upstairs. Jeff replaced the carpet downstairs with new floors. We had to replace a failing water heater, hire a company to clean out/re-do the crawlspace, and get a new washer & dishwasher. In between all this, I have been decluttering, downsizing, and packing, packing, and packing some more. Instead of putting everything we decluttered from our home to get it show-ready into the garage, we put into storage- the items we knew we didn't need or could live without for a while because we're moving into my sister's to help her out and save money for our dream home.

If you've ever sold your home before, I think you can feel me on how hard it is to keep the house spotless and tidy just in case someone calls for a showing. It's been extra hard on me since I work from home. Unfortunately, this has caused lots of delays in processing orders as I had to move out a lot of my office furniture to make the room feel more spacious and had to go down to one cutting machine. But there is light at the end of this tunnel as we got tired of waiting for our home to sell and moved into my sister's this weekend! I've now got my office 95% set up and ready to rock. I no longer have that nagging stressful feeling of not knowing if someone is going to want to see the house in an hour from now, etc, etc. It is very freeing!

So with all this moving and planning, I thought I would share some of the tips & tricks I've learned throughout my years of moving.

How To Plan A Move With Tips Tricks & Hacks

My Top Tips For Moving

  • Make a moving schedule with a checklist to stay on task.
  • Declutter, Giveaway/Sell, & Declutter some more
    • We got rid of so much stuff that we have accumulated over the years, and it felt SOOOO good! It almost feels like you're several pounds lighter. I started this process months before we even started packing, so we could get a good idea of how much we really needed to pack and store.
  • Pack each room one day at a time and don't rush it!
    • I went room by room and packed away items we could live without for a while and left the remainder of the items to be packed when we were ready to 100% move out. Items such as pots & pans stayed but random dishware or appliances got packed and put into storage. 
  • Don't unpack drawers!
    • Move them with the items inside. See moving hack #6 below. It's a lifesaver!

How To Plan A Move With Tips Tricks & Hacks

Helpful Moving Hacks

*Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission to fund my coffee drinking habit if you use these links to make a purchase. You will not be charged extra, and you’ll keep me supplied in caffeine. It’s a win for everyone, really.

  1. Ask local retailers for gently used boxes. Grocery stores and liquor stores are awesome resources. Craigslist or Facebook is also great to scour because a lot of people are giving them away for free. They just want them gone!
  2. While your clothes are still hanging up, put them inside a large garbage bag. This eliminates the need to remove them from the hanger. Just hang them in your new closet and remove the bag. Much simpler & easier!
  3. Use laundry baskets, trash bins, and suitcases as boxes. Don't move anything empty! 
  4. In lieu of bubble wrap, use linens/clothes to wrap fragile items such as dishware, glasses, etc.
  5. Use colored packing tape to label each box, write the contents inside, and the room they go in. This is an absolute lifesaver! If you want to take this a step further, you can even make an inventory of what's in each box. I'm too lazy for that, but I kind of wish I would have.
  6. Plastic/stretch wrap is your best friend! Use this around dressers to keep the drawers & items intact while in transit, wrap it around your jewelry display, or even around your silverware tray.
    I hope these tips, tricks, and hacks will be helpful to you in your next move! I'd love to hear any of your moving tips, tricks, and hacks that have worked for you in your past moves in the comments below!

    How To Plan A Move With Tips Tricks & Hacks

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    • I’ve never moved as such – I lived away from home whilst I was at university; the first year in Halls of Residence on campus and then next few years, in a privately rented home. I had a bedroom and shared living facilities, so it was not quite the same. I moved to America in transitions; 3 heavy and very full suitcases at a time, but again, never a ‘full on, actual move’ – I couldn’t even begin to imagine!!
      Wishing you and Jeff all the very best Gena, I hope you find a forever home really soon. Hang in there girly, I hope something great comes your way xo

      Francesca on

    • What a great read!! I’m not planning on moving any time soon, but one never knows! It’s so stressful (especially the part where you have to keep it clean and tidy so it can be shown at a moment’s notice) yet it can be sooooo rewarding to have a “forced” decluttering!! I’ve moved more times than I can count and only did it “right” once, and what a difference it made!! God bless and hang in there my friend!!

      Jean DiGiacomo on

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