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How To Use Multiple Planners

Posted by Gena Beck on Jul 17, 2019

How To Use Multiple Planners
Photo Credit: @kristensplanner
   Hi everyone! My name is Kristen from @kristensplanner I'm part of the Gilded Press Influencer Team, and Gena has invited me to write guest posts on her blog!
I've had fun thinking about what to share today, and I'm grateful she's giving me the opportunity to do this. I thought a good way to introduce myself would be to share how I use various planners. I'm a big fan of having multiple planners because it helps me focus on one area at a time. I don't like my rings to get too stuffed, so it prevents overfilling as well. I also love to decorate them all, of course!
  I've tried different ways to keep up with multiple planners and found that some were redundant, so I make each one specific to its purpose. When I have information scattered here and there and one planner doesn't get updated properly, I get disorganized and mad at myself. If I miss an event, my friends are quick to tease me with "aren't you really into planners?!" I don't know how to explain that sometimes being too into them has the opposite effect!
The keys to planner peace for me have been:
  • ONE SIZE: I don't like to change sizes for my everyday planner because that's where it can get expensive and frustrating. I let myself change anything BUT the size! I like celebrating the seasons and holidays with deco, so I need one planner I'm "allowed" to experiment with and make changes in. I usually get the urge to switch sizes when I experience life change (i.e. my son starting preschool or my work tasks increasing), but I've been able to avoid it this year by changing my inserts, theme, or cover instead.
  • STORAGE: Another benefit of sticking with one size is storing the used inserts easily. Ringed inserts are a bit too tricky to store after you remove them from the planner, but loose binder rings work for me. I put a whole month of weeklies & dailies together on a ring and keep them all in a cute container. When I was struggling with finding "my size", my insert storage was a mess because they were all different sizes, rings vs tn's, etc. I drove myself nuts! Now, I love looking through them.
  • A BACKUP PLAN FOR MY BACK UP PLAN: I back up anything important in my Erin Condren because I know I won't lose that! This has been very effective for me when I do make changes.
     These are ALL the planners I use, and I am only slightly embarrassed to admit the number. I used to feel like a weirdo for how much I like to write in notebooks, but finding that there's a whole community of us has helped me just embrace it!
a6 rings planner 

Photo Credit: @kristensplanner

         I really like this size because it is larger than pocket rings but shorter than a personal size planner. It fits in my bag but is still easy to write in. 4x6 journaling cards fit perfectly into it as a dashboard too!
    • LISTS - Temporary lists I can toss when I'm through with them (library books I have checked out, reminders, notes to self, things to buy, etc.)
    • CALENDAR - Annual calendar with important dates, birthdays, etc. highlighted - highly recommend having this for easy reference! With this insert being so useful, I've found I don't need a monthly view in this planner.
    • WEEKLY LINED INSERTS -  I can assign tasks to a day as needed - I use these for pre-planning when I need to do it, and if I have a quiet week, I don't use them.
    • DAILIES - My favorite planning method! I started using daily pages to keep my head together after having my second baby, and now I'm hooked. They have been a great reference to look back on. Sometimes, I use inserts with a timed schedule, and other times I just need some space for to-do's, errands, etc.
    • WORK - I work at a marina, so I keep a map of it with the tenant's contact info in my planner. I also have contacts for repairmen, account passwords, and monthly checklists for slip payments. I like to keep nautical deco in this section too to get me into the mindset.
    • HOME & FAMILY -
      • Cleaning - One of my goals this year was to stick to cleaning routines because I felt overwhelmed with keeping up the house. One of my friends, Lisa from Creatively Planned, made one for me. It has a whole month on two pages with room to check off daily, weekly, & monthly tasks and a project list. 
      • Meal planning & recipe bank: I jot down ingredients of favorite recipes on post-its to keep here because I hate having to go look it up every time I make a grocery list. Such a time saver!
      • Family notes - I also have notes in this section for things I want to make or do with my kids, and service hours of places we go. 
    •  FINANCES - I check off bill payments in a monthly tracker and record our income. My husband's work is project-based, so I like to have a record of his invoices here as well.

      Erin Condren vertical life planner

      Photo Credit: @kristensplanner

      I love using full kits, so I needed a place to do that. I've gradually moved towards making this a record of my personal health and small victories. I record meals, workouts, moods, daily highlights, or struggles, and major events.
       hobonichi weeks planner

      Photo Credit: @kristensplanner

      This trendy little notebook is perfect for writing about my sons! The left side is a weekly format where I jot down their nap times & activities. The right side is a blank grid, so I journal about them and their milestones, write down sweet things they say, and anything fun we did that week. I like using character stickers in this because they express emotions so well. This planner has room for notes in the back, so I keep track of their shots and developmental things, like how many words they know (the kind of things the pediatrician asks me at appointments - I bring this with me).
      • MONTHLY CALENDAR - I keep shop sales and start/end dates
      • PLANNER NOTES -  setup ideas, YouTube video plans, collection lists (i.e. Lane & Alley Boutique mini bows, Simply Gilded Washi)
      • PR ORDERS - Each time I make an order with a shop I do PR for, I make a list of the items and check them off as I've used them. It helps me make sure I share everything!
      • PR TRACKER - Weekly tracker where I can mark which shops I've included in a post.
      • PR & PEN PAL CONTACTS - I like to send mail as much as I like to receive it! I have a few people I exchange mail with, and I also keep PR requirements, term dates, and codes with the shop owner's contact info here. 

        micro happy planner

        Photo Credit: @kristensplanner

        I punched a journaling card set into this tiny disc-bound notebook. The set has prompts for self-care lists, so when I have a few minutes and want to write, I turn to a page in this.



        personal wide foxy fix rings planner
        Photo Credit: @kristensplanner
        This is essentially a catch-all for the things that go in and out of my other planners, or that don't fit into my daily needs. They are the main lists I like to keep around for when I need to look things up.
        • BEAUTY - products I've tried or want to try, wardrobe ideas, etc.
        • MEDICAL INFO - cycle tracker, doctor's contact info, appointment notes, weight, etc. I like having private info like this totally separate from what I share with the public.
        • ROOM DESIGN - We have an older home that we're constantly working on upgrading, so I got an insert with space for vision boards, measurements, color swatches, etc. It's been awesome for working on one room at a time!


        These are notebooks I keep handy but don't need to use as often as the ones listed above. I really enjoy creating setups, so it's fun to experiment with these.

        • JOURNAL - Pocket traveler's notebooks are wonderful to journal in. I use plain grid inserts and just write a small page for each day. If I don't feel like writing, I doodle or decorate with washi. I rarely share these on social media because they are just for me but thought it was worth mentioning here.
        • GENERAL JOURNALING - I keep 6 months in a wide pocket TN. These are the only inserts I don't remove when they're finished. I keep the journal set up as is so I can flip back through it anytime. 
        • SPECIFIC JOURNALING - I like to use single Foxy Fix notebooks for things like this:
          • Dad journal - Since my dad has passed away and I often miss him, I have a TN with two booklets that I use to write down memories as they come to me.
          • Dream journal - I'm currently putting together a moon-themed journal because I dream quite vividly. I have always written down dreams, so I thought it would be cool to keep them all together. 

        I'd love to hear about your ideas for using multiple planners! Please feel free to ask questions or share your planner system in the comments below! 

        How To Use Multiple Planners

        - Kristen

        You can find me on Instagram @kristensplanner

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        • Kristen, Thank you so much for this perfect post. I related to you right away. By the time , I got to the bottom where you talked about journaling about your dad and memories, I knew I had found a kindred soul ( I lost my uncle last year ) . Thank you ! And a very Happy Mother’s Day to you!

          mim on

        • Loved this post! So helpful!

          Zolanae on

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