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10 Creative Ways To Repurpose Mugs

Posted by Gena Beck on Aug 24, 2018

10 Ways To Repurpose Mugs

You find a gorgeous mug in the store, and you say, "But I don't drink coffee; I don't drink tea." Fear not because there are plenty of fun creative ways you can repurpose those mugs into something eye catching & useful.

Here are 10 of my favorite ways to repurpose mugs:

  • Candle Holders 
    • Make a DIY candle! Here is a resource for a DIY kit with everything you will need to get that candle lit - Soy Wax Candle Kit
  • Herb Garden
    • Pop some potting soil in the bottom of the mug, put your herbs in, and set in front of a sunny window sill. Green thumb you say?
  • Soup Bowl
    • No more clean bowls and too lazy to clean one? Never fear because your mug can be your hero!
  • Cakes & Brownies, Oh My!
    • A mug is the perfect size for an individual treat. This is one of my fav recipes for a mug brownie you pop in the microwave - delicious, fast, & easy - Microwavable Chocolate Mug Brownie
  • Cold Recovery Kit
    • Great gift for someone who may be under the weather. Items could include medicine, treats, and a small get well note.
  • Conversation starter
    • Whether you're at work or home, mugs with artwork/sayings can be great to strike up conversation. 
  • Organize Your Desk
    • Besides the brownie trick, this is probably my most used and cherished way to use a mug. Instead of going out and buying another boring pen holder, use one your cute mugs to make a statement in your office & keep you organized!
  • Hot Chocolate Kit
    • Who said mugs were just for coffee or tea? Some hot chocolate mix, some mini marshmellows, and maybe one of those amazing chocolate covered spoons will make a great gift especially during the chilly winter season.
  • Mug Wall Art
    • Have a large wall empty starting at you in your home? Find a pallet/reclaimed wood, some hooks, and hang all your mugs up for a fun creative, conversation starting art piece.
  • Display Makeup Brushes
    • Do you have one to many brushes lying around? Get them organized by using your favorite mug as a holder - this is also one of my personal favorites.

How are you going to give some of your mugs a new life? Did something catch your eye? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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